Snore guards are dentist prescribed for more restful night’s sleep. This guard positions the lower jaw forward using connectors that attach the upper and lower jaw together. We have many patients who wear these nightly and report that they are very effective. The person you sleep next to will thank you as well!

Patients ask if these are an alternative to their current sleep apnea device. If you have sleep apnea, we believe that you should be treated by a sleep specialist who is a physician trained in sleep apnea. Your physician may feel as though one of these devices is an acceptable alternative; if that is the case then the answer is yes. Or, she or he may feel as though a dental device would not correct the type of apnea that you have; in which case this would not be an alternative for you. We have worked with local sleep specialists to make dental devices for apnea patients, but we do not diagnose sleep apnea or prescribe these in the absence of your physician’s recommendation and diagnosis.