Clear Correct is a clear aligner system to resolve minor crowding or close small gaps in your smile.  We recommend seeing an orthodontist for any major tooth movement, but Clear Correct can be an alternative for small tooth movement. Dr. Rand can give you an idea if you could be a candidate for this treatment.

Wearing any type of clear aligner system is a time commitment. You must be willing to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. They do not work unless they are in your mouth! That probably seems like it should go without saying, however it’s tempting to leave them out for business meetings, when you go out with friends, or after you eat. It may be harder than you think to be consistent. However, if you are consistent you will be amazed at how fast your teeth will move.

You’ve seen some advertisements for non-dentist involvement aligners on the internet. Do they work? The aligners are likely made out of the same material but the fit of the aligners will be less accurate because the impression that you take at home will be of a different accuracy than what we can take at our office. In addition we find that to make the correct movement we always need to add small clear buttons to some teeth so that the aligners can rotate or move the teeth effectively. Lastly, sometimes minor reshaping of your is needed in order to allow certain movements to happen. Dr. Rand has priced out these “cheaper” alternatives and found that they are very close to our fees and in some cases they are quite a bit more expensive than what we charge.